Photo Graph

Today I changed the name of the place to Photo Graph. Not sure if it will stay that way but for now it is a two word title. I’ve been thinking about the changes that have taken place in photography since the advent of the digital image.  Thinking back to the challenges of film, the precision necessary to develop film, to the amount of time between opening the shutter to the contact print and I am glad I’m doing things digital.  I once had darkroom equipment, never really had a dark room just a bathroom with a towel under the door.  I would shoot mostly tri-x  as black and white was a whole lot easier to self develop than color film. And if I was lucky I would get one or two images that might be worth printing.

Now  you can look at time image instantly and go back for a second shot if you are out of focus or any of a million reasons why the last shot wasn’t good.  The cost of taking the shot is almost nothing.  Then there was a fixed cost each time you pulled the trigger.  And then there was an additional cost if you wanted to show your images to anyone at all. Now you make one copy of an image and send it electronically to any of number of sites and the one copy can be scene by twenty, fifty or even hundreds of people.


There still is the challenge of taking the good shot, of creating images the evoke emotion in the viewer. I love looking at the old images of photographers who were up to the challenge of creating emotional images and I’m excited by the challenge of creating a few emotional images of my own.