Process Comparison

Thanks to the availability of trial version of most photo processing software I’ve been able to download several possible replacements for Adobe Lightroom.  I’ve been quite impressed with Capture One Pro 7 from Phase One. Here is a first pass at  an image I shot last night.

Spacehip Earth Monorail - Lightroom 4

Spaceship Earth Monorail – Lightroom 4


Spaceship Earth Monorail - Capture One Pro 7.

Spaceship Earth Monorail – Capture One Pro 7.


The image was taken with my Nikon D600 at 800ISO with the 24-85mm zoom.  I applied the provided profile for the lens to both images.  Lightroom lightened up the edges of the image much more than Capture One did and Capture One cut a bit of the outer edge off during that process. I used a fair but not over amount of Clarity on both versions of the image. I used a the same small gray rectangle near the bottom of the image to set a white balance for both versions.  I think the Capture One image came out slightly warmer.


One other note of interest I exported both images to a 1000 wide jpg at 85% at 100 px per inch. The Capture One file was larger.  Next time I may try stripping out the metadata to get a more accurate view of the actual size of the image.

Here is the image unprocessed.