Old School New School

I purchased some larger SD cards (32gb) the other day.  They aren’t the fastest cards but the price was right and they work just fine in both the Nikon D600 and my little Fujifilm X-M1.  On the X-M1 the give me something like 1200 images before I run out of space.  With all that space I thought I would try out creating jpg files along with the normal raw files.

Fujifilm is known for it color film and they have included profiles for some of their more famous film stocks. I shot some images of Fred our backyard plant. I tried to emulate the feel of the jpg when doing the raw conversion in Lightroom 5.4. I wasn’t quite spot on with my conversion but I like the extra crispness I processed into the image.


Vievia (Vivid)This first image is the jpeg file direct from the camera. The only change was to resize down to 1600 x 960. The Veivia has some very nice reds and is a little soft.

Raw (Processed)This is my attempt at duplicating the feel of the Fujifilm. I cropped the raw file down to 16×9 like the jpeg and then pushed and pulled the Lightroom levers to this result.  I should probably add the raw file so we compare to how the raw file is presented before customization.